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By entrusting us to create financial strategies to grow, manage and protect, we offer peace of mind to enable our clients to focus on other aspects of their lives.



Portfolio Construction & Review


Portfolio Construction

Our investment philosophy centres around constructing portfolios that are best suited to each client’s needs and preferences. Our extensive research capability allows us to identify leading investments, be it via specialist managers or directly listed on various stock exchanges. We can therefore design portfolios that provide outcomes that suit a client’s particular investment style, risk profile or preferences.


Investment Research

We have direct access to detailed analysis from research house, Mercer. Additionally we have strong links with leading stockbroking firms who can provide research and execution services for listed securities.


We have access to a wide range of investments including:


Cash Management & Fixed Interest

Managed Funds

Listed Shares

Exchange Traded Funds

Property Funds

Listed Property Trusts

Listed Investment Companies

Alternate Investments


Portfolio Administration

Over the years, advancement in technology has enabled investors greater access to investment portfolio administration services for transaction and management. We have access to many leading platform providers.


Strategy & Portfolio Review

Our process incorporates ongoing management and review of client strategy and investment portfolios. Whilst meetings and client contact may only occur at scheduled intervals, we are continually reviewing the changing landscape with regard to investments and legislation which shape our recommendations for clients.


Our review service details our observations and recommendations regarding:

  • Portfolio & Financial Strategy: review of recent past and a look ahead to the future
  • Assessment of cash flow and capital requirements
  • Alterations to the investment portfolio to take advantage of market conditions and changes in personal circumstances